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Small Business Saturday: The Meadowcress Boutique

Author: Sofie Sitt

On this #SmallBusinessSaturday, we are highlighting the Meadowcress Boutique! Meadowcress Boutique is a small woman-owned business that sells pouches, scrunchies, maternity and baby clothes, and jewelry. Every item is handmade with embroidery and color blocking, and some inventory is one-of-a-kind. Check out their website here!

Meadowcress Boutique focuses on social responsibility by using only fabric from ethical sources, paying fair wages, and being transparent with consumers. This mission was born after its owner, Kathleen watched The True Cost documentary on Netflix. She was shocked by the impact that the fashion industry was having on the planet and believed it went against her values as a Catholic woman. And so, Meadowcress Boutique was born! What started as a love for the planet and the strong belief in the dignity of people turned into a full-fledged business that launches new products and lines with frequency! You can read more about their sustainability mission on their website, including how Kathleen navigates the turbulent fabric industry.

Kathleen talks about the challenges of balancing a business with two kids and busy family life, touching on how important support from her family, friends, and other women on Facebook was for her (women supporting women!). Despite realizing in hindsight that her goals were larger than she thought, Kathleen wishes that she believed in herself more when she first started the company.

Meadowcress Boutiques’s launches are for her customers, whom she actively communicates with through Instagram, email, and a listserve. But, every product that she makes is inspired by the saints of the Catholic church. Each piece is made from hand-dyed linen and saint-inspired fabric in hopes of inspiring women to feel empowered to incorporate their faith into their daily lives.


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