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Welcome Weekend

When you arrive on campus, the Welcome Weekend staff will be there to greet you and help you move in! For the rest of the program, your schedule is packed with activities that will introduce you to the many beloved traditions of both ND and PDub. Want to get a taste of PDub before Welcome Weekend? Follow us on Instagram @pasquerillawesthall!

Moving In 

& Rooms:

First-Years are placed in doubles or quads.



Each room comes with a twin XL bed, a movable wardrobe, and a desk with a light and chair for each resident. The sinks have a medicine cabinet with a mirror, and the door has a full-length body mirror on it. With this, the windows have a pull-down shade with an AC unit nearby. Rooms are also provided with a trash and recycling bin.



The dimensions of a double are 12’ x 17’. The furniture in the double allows the beds to be lofted, bunked, or to remain on the floor. Many weasels in doubles “half-loft”/raise their bed, meaning they raise it enough to fit things like a mini-fridge and some storage containers under (bed risers are not necessary for this!). Lofting/bunking allows for a lot of extra space that residents usually fill with things like a futon or a TV. With this, in doubles there is a bookshelf under the window.

Quads are made up of three 10’ x 12’ rooms, each adjoined by doors and each having a door to go into the hallway. In quads, most weasels put two people in each of the side rooms and either loft or bunk their beds, and make the middle room a common room. Each side room has a sink and door to the middle room. The furniture in quads is modular, meaning that the bed can be lofted on top of the desk and wardrobe, or two residents can bunk beds. In the common room, residents often fill it with things like futons, couches, chairs, TVs, fridges, extra storage, etc.

Need dorm inspo? We've got you covered.

To pack or not to pack?

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your room! You’ll be living here for the next several months, so make it a space where you are comfortable. Talk to your roommate about bringing some of these things to make your dorm more you! Some things that some Weasels bring are:


Don't pack:

hot plates

drip coffee makers


There's one in each floor's vator lounge!


These are allowed, but there is a printer in almost every building, including PDub, and you have an allocated printing quota.

toasters/ toaster ovens



mini fridge

wall decor

more storage

size for double: 7 ft X  10 ft

size for quad: 5 ft X  7ft

No drip coffee makers.



or other small furniture


Per Notre Dame tradition, you are randomly assigned halls and roommates. Living with a roommate (or roommates) is one of the most exciting and challenging parts of transitioning into college, especially if you’ve never shared a room before! Here are some helpful tips to make the transition easier:


Get in contact.

Text, email, DM, whatever! It’s important to get to know your roommate a little bit before move-in. Talk about yourselves, along with the room! If they take a little bit to respond right after you're assigned, don’t worry–– a lot of people don’t check their email as often over summer!


Figure out who's bringing what.

You do not want to end up spending money on things you don’t have to. Figure out who is bringing items, so avoid duplicates. Good things to assign one roommate include a rug, a fridge, or a futon.


Don't split costs.

Try not to split the cost of big items! While it might seem like a good idea, if you end up not rooming together after freshman year, who gets to keep the futon?


Brainstorm your room plan.

Try to figure out the room set-up before moving in. It will save time, especially if someone shows up earlier than the other.


Be considerate! This is new for everyone.


Fill out the roomie questionaire.

A little stuck on what to talk about? Fill out the roomie questionnaire!

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