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Recommended Podcasts for Powerful Women

Author: Haleigh Pace

From February 19, 2021, this recent episode provides an entertaining rundown on the history of female recipients of the Nobel Prize. The episode begins with a brief history of the Nobel Prize itself. It then delves into all the women who have won the prize across the various categories. Primarily, the episode focuses on two recent recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Leymah Gbowee. I appreciated the critical commentary in this episode; the hosts go beyond recounting the surface-level history. While at times the episode can feel a bit scripted, I found the commentary to provide a well-rounded perspective as it critiques both the recipients and Nobel Prize. I recommend this episode for when you are feeling in an educational mood.

If there is one word to describe this show, it is “witty.” In this episode of HERstory on the Rocks, co-hosts Katie and Allie discuss Maya Lin and Alice Guy Blanche: two wholly unrelated but equally interesting powerful women. The episode is split in half, with Lin being discussed first, as Blanche follows. Specifically, I enjoyed the chatting nature of this podcast. While it is informational, the “girl talk” commentary keeps it entertaining. This episode is perfect for a night in when you want some amusing background noise.

To begin, this podcast is largely the reason I am such a religious podcast listener today. That being said, my review may be slightly biased. Thick & Thin, as a show in itself, is the audio diary of host Katy Bellotte. The show has evolved from sharing life lessons to recounting women and events in history. This episode, in particular, focuses on gossip: the causes, effects, and societal dependence. I adore the narrative approach this podcast utilizes as well as the way Bellotte relates history to the situations we all face day-to-day. This episode and the show at large have the perfect balance of information and commentary to keep you entertained throughout. I recommend this episode for a casual walk to class or around the lakes.


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