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Introducing the Purple Press

Author: Madison Wagner

If you’ve ever met a Pasquerilla West Hall weasel, you know that our women live by values of inclusivity, empowerment, peace, and love. Our hall’s community is full of self-starters, scientists, athletes, philanthropists, comedians, and everything in between, and we’re proud to celebrate each other within our walls. However, in the last year, Pasquerilla West launched its new website, which you’re using to read this article now, and our women have taken to the internet to share the energy, stories, and accomplishments of our hall. Now, the greater Notre Dame community and beyond can engage with us in a new way through the newest addition to our website: The Purple Press, a blog platform dedicated to sharing the values and voices of the women in Pasquerilla West.

The Purple Press will feature new content each month; as we head into our pilot launch, we have twenty women who have volunteered to be regular contributors, and we have no doubt that this number will only grow with time. The content you’ll find on this platform will include our weekly newsletters, features of powerful women in our community and beyond, significant PDub events, and anything else that inspires the women in our hall and speaks to our values. We look forward to sharing the spirit of PDub with you!


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